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Weight: 15 KG

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Brand: SportAndMore
Material: precision steel tube with machine finish HQ
Color: black, with detachable head from red hard plastic
Weight markers: on the bottom of the clubbells
Weight: 15 kg
Length: 69 cm
Handle length: 25 cm, fully engraved


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Long neck clubbell: with a longer handle for a better grip.
Due to the immense lever movement training with clubbells is always a challenge – even with smaller weight units.
Training with clubbells is becoming increasingly popular, because precisely the shoulder muscles and grip strength can be improved significantly.
Training with clubbells can also be a highly effective full body workout, especially for exercises such as swings, pendulums, circles and more.
Training with clubbells can strengthen muscles, tendons and joints and can increase flexibility.
Our clubbells are made of precision steel tube with a machine finish HQ (High Quality Finish).
Clubbells are the perfect addition to your current workout program.
This clubbells also has a safety cord of 60 cm length.