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Massage Balls
Trendy Tres Forca Set

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Tres Forca Set, Massage Balls
Gray color: soft / 7 cm Ø
Black color: medium / 7 cm Ø
Red color: hard / 7 cm Ø
Packaging: recyclable cardboard

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Trendy Tres Forca has been specially developed for the self-treatment of trigger points and tension.
The different balls (three different degrees of hardness) make it possible to work well even on small and deeper tensions in fasciae and muscles.
The intensity of the pressure can be determined individually.
Targeted and regular pressure applications can help to gently release the resulting tensions, which can have a positive effect on pain relief.
The Trendy Tres Forca are versatile applicable for head, temple, arms, legs, neck and more.
Practically also on the way.