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Massage Roll | Fascia Roll
Trendy Ondas

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Ondas, Massage Roll / Fascia Roll
Color: black
Material: Expanded Polyproplyene Foam (EPP)
Surface: anti slip and dirt repellent
Size: 39 cm long x 7 cm Ø
Packaging: recyclable cardboard


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Active and fast regeneration of the tissue with the handy fascia roll Trendy Ondas.
The soft tissue components of our connective tissue is called fascia, this covers our body like a net. The fascia is involved in important motion sequences and metabolic processes. Regularly practice with the Trendy Ondas can solve fascia problems and helps the blood circulation to increase.
Its grips enable an easy handling for body areas such as neck, legs, arms and shoulders.
This massage roller fits in every gymbag and offers many applications.
Trendy Ondas, for a gentle and sensitive massage.