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Massage Roll | Fascia Roll
Trendy Prego XL

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Prego XL, Massage Roll / Fascia Roll
Color: black
Material: Expanded Polyproplyene Foam (EPP)
Surface: anti slip and dirt repellent
Size: 60 cm long x 13 cm Ø
Packaging: recyclable cardboard

Delivery without fascia/massage balls!
Fascia and massage balls can be found in our shop, too.


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This rigid and robust fascia massage roll provides with its textured design a strong trigger point therapy and complete muscle massage.
At the affected areas an exact “triggering” is achieved by gentle pressure of the own body weight, also on hard to reach muscle groups.
The structure of the Trendy Prego ensures an effective self-massage. Especially suitable for the lower extremities, the back and for the stabilization of the trunk area.
In the XL version, this fascia massage roller can be separated into two single fascia rolls in just a few steps.
The Trendy Prego is ideal for storing Trendy Tres Forca, Trendy Dupla and Trendy Triplo. Easy to close with the screw cap.
Trendy Sport fascia and massage rolls are consisting of an EPP material, which is very robust and at the same time dimensionally very stable.