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Trendy Sport Massage Roller Fascia Roll Ondas

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Ondas, Massage roller/Fascia roll
Color: black
Material: hard plastic, hardened EVA foam
Size: 39 cm long x 6.5 cm Ø
Weight: approx. 1 kg
Packaging: recyclable cardboard

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*** Active and fast regeneration of the tissue with the handy fascia roll Trendy Ondas.
*** The soft tissue components of our connective tissue is called fascia, this covers our body like a net. The fascia is involved in important motion sequences and metabolic processes. Regularly practice with the Trendy Ondas can solve fascia problems and helps the blood circulation to increase.
*** Its grips enable an easy handling for body areas such as neck, legs, arms and shoulders.
*** This massage roller fits in every gymbag and offers many applications.

Trendy Ondas, for a gentle and sensitive massage.