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4 Speed Ladders | Agility Ladders
Incl. Carry Bag
Length: 4 x 4 M

Product details:
Brand: SportAndMore
Material: nylon with plastic rungs
Color: 1 x blue, 1 x red, 1 x yellow, 1 x orange
Length: about 4 m per ladder
Number of rungs: 10 per ladder
Rung size: 45 cm x 40 cm
Material carry bag: polyester

This set consists of 4 speed/agility ladders of 4 m length and one carry bag.


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Set of four agility ladders in blue, red, yellow and orange.
Flat fixed rungs.
Connectors on both ends mean the ladders can be connected to create one very long ladder.
This set offers a variety of versatile agility and speed training drills for young and old.
Supplied with carry bag.