About Us


11 years of experience in online trading.
... And over 30 years of trading from person to person. These are the strengths of Theo Bruins the Founder.

Who We Are!

Admittedly, sportandmore.nl is just a small company in the huge pool of online retailers. The company consists of a small team that can be counted on one hand.

The advantages:

  • Individual and personal advice. (So ​​no impersonal call center with standard answers and never a holding line.)
  • We know our products. (No matter what you want to know, when it comes to our products, we know all the answers, because we’ve checked all the products thoroughly.)

The disadvantage:

  • No 24-hour telephone service. (But hey, we’re not a medical emergency service either.)

Otherwise, however, we operate like any big online giant and ordered today, usually means delivered within 24-48 hours ― assuming you’re at home when the delivery service arrives. And if something intervenes, call us and we’ll solve the problem quickly and easily.

What We Do!

As a small company, we also try to offer you ― nonetheless ― the best possible prices. But because we also value quality and environmental awareness, it will be possible to buy similar products elsewhere for a cheaper price. In any case, we expect our products to be durable. Our products should give our customers pleasure as long as possible under normal use. Long pleasure means long life and long life means that things do not end up in the bin for a long time. We also try to make sure that the products are (as environmentally friendly as possible) degradable or recyclable.

Our Philosophy!

Our philosophy is also to annoy our customers as little as possible. Means, we do not send obtrusive advertising emails and since our homepage does not work with cookies, we do not follow you at every step on your way through the Internet. We trust that customers who once bought from us will always come back to us by themselves.


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