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5 XL Training Cones
with Pole Mounting Holes
Height: 38 CM
Color: yellow

Product details:
Brand: SportAndMore
Material: plastic/PVC
Size: 38 cm high
Base: 26 x 26 cm
Color: 5 x yellow
Weight per cone: about 350 g

Delivery without poles.
Poles or cone sets with poles can be found in our shop, too.
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Breakproof durable XL plastic cones with a large surface area (26 x 26 cm) and great weight for professional use.
Stand very securely, each cone weighs 350 grams.
Pole holes for 25 mm poles on all four sides.
The upper hole edges are 7 cm, 20 cm and 33 cm.
A hole on the top allows the use of this cone as a slalom base.
For all kinds of agility training.
Light resistant colors.
Popular in school sports, club sports and also in equestrian and dog sports.