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Adjustable Cone Hurdle Set
Height: 8/14/20 CM
Color: Blue-Yellow

Product details:
Brand: SportAndMore
Material: plastic/PVC
Cone size: 23 cm high
Cone color: blue
Pole size: 100 cm long x 25 mm Ø
Pole color: yellow

The delivery consists of 5 poles and 10 cones.


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Versatile adjustable agility hurdles.
Cones, each with four holes at three heights, offer countless possibilities to combine the hurdles for individual training requirements.
Light and space-saving, fits in every car.
Each set contains five 100 cm poles and ten 23 cm cones.
The upper hole edges are 8 cm, 14 cm and 20 cm.
Breakproof durable plastic cones with light resistant colors.
For all kinds of agility training.
Popular in school sports, club sports and also in equestrian and dog sports.