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Balance & Exercise Board
Trendy Ponte

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Ponte
Color: black
Material: special foam with closed cell structure
Surface: anti slip and dirt repellent
Size: 30.5 cm long x 30.5 cm wide x 10 cm thick
Packaging: recyclable cardboard

Delivery without exercise mat!
Exercise mats can be found in our shop, too.



Multifunctional balance board for coordination, stretching and muscle training.
Additional fascia training with the nubby surface.
With the Trendy Ponte train also your abdominal muscles and massage your back at the same time.
Ideal for an effective workout at home!
Trendy Ponte for fitness and coordination exercises. To improve balance, muscle building and stability.
With only the pressure of your own body weight, your will feel an exact triggering.