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140 x 60 x 1 CM
Color: brown

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: ProfiGymMat / Exercise Mat
Material: foam, made from non toxic plastic
Size: 140 cm long x 60 cm wide x 1 cm thick
Color: brown


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The ProfiGymMat of Trendy Sport: adapted to individual needs!
Resistant, supple and stable in shape even under high performance.
Tensile strength & long life.
Easy adaption to the ground.
Comfortable & flexible.
Anti-slippery & flat lying.
Easy rolling and unrolling of mat.
No sticking-out corners.
Optimum shock absorbing.
Super hygienic because of closed cellular structure.
Anti-germ protection.
Hydrophobic and dirt-repellent.
Easily cleanable with water.
Formamide and latex free, non toxic plastic.
To prolong the life of your exercise mat, the mat should never be exposed to great heat or to direct sunlight over a longer period of time.

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