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Sling Trainer | Suspension Trainer
Trendy Lacada

Product details:
Brand: Trendy Sport
Type: Trendy Escada / Sling Trainer / Suspension Trainer

Size: max. 2.60 m long
Material: nylon belt 38 mm wide, numbered
Color: gray-black-red
Carabiner: stainless steel
Foot strap: neoprene

Delivery without ceiling mounts!
Ceiling mounts can be found in our webshop, too.


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The Trendy Lacada sling trainer is a full-body training device for fitness, physiotherapy or home training.
With the help of your own body weight and high body tension, the Trendy Lacada trains all muscle groups extremely effectively.
For strength training, flexibility training and coordination.

With variable lever ratios and height settings, the Trendy Lacada offers a very large selection of exercises while standing, sitting or lying down.
The Trendy Lacada can be attached to a ceiling suspension or clamped in the door frame with the included clamp attachment.

The soft neoprene pad on the foot loops provides additional comfort. Together with the non-slip handles, secure double seams and high-quality stainless steel carabiners, we offer you a training device of the highest quality!

The delivery includes one clamp attachment for door frames.
Ceiling suspensions can be purchased additionally in our webshop!

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